this week was good because of...

...a wonderful weekend in Ohio with Wildcat Guy.

...picking out an outfit that I was happy with (and that we were able to coordinate with his).

...celebrating the wedding of a friend and his lovely bride.

...their beautifully heartfelt, grace-filled ceremony.

...cupcake centerpieces at the reception.

...spending time with dear friends and their children. time in the playhouse...and the playroom...and the kitchen...etc.

...getting a much sought-after picture of my friends' dog jumping into the pond.

...the joy of having Wildcat Guy share time with my friends. velvet brownies with cream cheese frosting.

...a fun departmental Thanksgiving dinner to start the weekend.

...silly satisfaction that I didn't need instructions for using tissue paper. well-honed, well-practiced gift bag-packing technique.

...stopping for ice cream on our way back from the wedding.

...pumpkin pancakes and turkey bacon.

...real maple syrup.

...a thoughtful, inspirational reflection from a delightful writer.

...watching Gru's first experience drinking from the shower faucet.

...a rewarding and candid conversation with my supervisor during my mid-year evaluation.

...the flexibility in my Friday schedule to make everything work - from trainings to office work to baking to packing.

...putting the picture from girls' weekend in the frame Shannon gave me that weekend. (And yes - I am still going to be sharing that story. Soon.)

...purchasing my copy of the newest Nicholas Sparks book at the campus bookstore.

...leftovers that taste even better than the original serving.

...getting super caught-up on paperwork in the office.

...the holiday banners at Panera.

...their soup-and-salad combos that are both tasty and filling.

...seeing a wonderfully fun movie. "Me-wow!"

...the gracious help from a colleague who was willing to trade holiday duty dates with me. entertaining play on Google's doodles.

What made your week good?

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Catt Larson said…
The playhouse looks amazing! I'm so impressed by Jason. I'm glad their was a description on the pumpkin pancakes. At first glance i thought they were GIANT squash slices which was weird with bacon, but who am I to judge?

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