this week was good because of...

...a Friday-night Homecoming party at the local coffee house featuring free Ale-8 and live music by one of my (uber-talented) former students.

...a delightful Homecoming weekend during which I got to see many wonderful people and enjoy a number of fun campus events.

...the sense of place and belonging that goes with recognizing alumni who are returning to campus. Because they are individuals I have spent time and built relationships with.

...snacking on a yummy treat while working in my journal on Saturday afternoon.

...the wi$dom of returning clothes that I don't absolutely love.

...putting together a fun, quirky birthday card for my favorite about-to-be-seven year-old.

...this song, amongst other country tunes, that helped me ground myself and cheer up a little on a blah Monday morning. easier-than-you'd-think pasta dish that was both light and filling (even without the mushrooms called for in the recipe) - and that Wildcat Guy liked enough to have seconds! With a side of sirloin steak, it was a perfect meal.

...his willingness to be my culinary guinea pig.

...the "buy one, get one for a dollar" sale at a nearby bookstore.

...keeping my wits about me at Target (even with the full moon). Because somehow, the only things I bought were the things on my list. That never happens!!

...a neat reminder that every little bit makes a difference.

...the CMA Awards show - and Faith Hill's first performance there in five years!

...Gru being a lap cat for once.

...these lovely little Christmas cards that I will use for my student staff. afternoon of craft- and book-browsing with my mom.

...the way my mom and I both have an openness to thinking outside the box about crafts - like using a decorating fabric for a skirt.

...the opportunity to take a personal day - just because I wanted (and needed) to.

...this adorable Playmobil nativity set - complete with campfire and cauldron! (seen at the very far right of the box picture)

...the gentle tugs of childhood memories whenever I see Playmobil.

...and, for those who feel a nativity must have the three wise men, the supplemental set that completes the picture.

...a really beautiful reflection on praying for those most dear to our hearts. enormous chicken bacon ranch pizza for our Sunday lunch. (Know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow, too!)

...the first preview for a movie I hadn't heard anything about, with what looks like a very interesting performance by a favorite actress.

...the first wedding purchase. (Excluding the wedding planner and many wedding magazines, of course.)

...discussing wedding plans in great detail with Mom, and getting the tentative go-ahead.

...improving my portion control.

...being conscientious of leftovers and using them well.

...the amusement of hitting the 10,000-pictures-taken mark on my point-and-shoot. In just over two years.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: nothing - because I stayed up until 2:45 last night to finish
Sarah's Key


Catt Larson said…
Super impressed with your Target control!

Excited about Snow White and the Huntsman in June but also excited about Mirror Mirror in March. Look up the trailer! Julia Roberts and Lily Collins in a COMPLETELY different take on the same fairytale.

Only 4 food pictures!? What kind of food blog is this?

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