this week was good because of...

...six days in a row of time spent with Wildcat Guy. evening with his future in-laws.

...seeing an amazing performance with Mom, Dad and Wildcat Guy.

...the unplanned coincidence of dinner at a Japanese restaurant prior to seeing the Japanese drummers in concert.

...Dad's comment that I should start a food blog. Heh - if he only knew! (Not that this is a food blog...but still.)

...not taking myself so seriously when it comes to getting dressed, and trying new looks.

...overdressing just a bit for a couple of hours at a local bar with colleagues. But seriously? If I'm not going to wear my tall boots to a bar, where am I going to wear them?!

...that couple of hours at a local bar with colleagues - chatting, relaxing and enjoying some live music.

...a fun Halloween e-card from Mom.

...the first day of a new yoga class, and the satisfaction of returning to my yoga practice.

...the unexpected ease of flowing quite smoothly from a flat, static position on my mat to upward-facing dog pose.

...eating the last of the Michigan pretzels.

...Catt's observation that I am entirely too good at "rationing" treats. hour or so by the campfire at a friend's house, enjoying the brisk fall weather and indulging in some s'mores. afternoon of bowling with my colleagues.

...a fun dinner with some of my student staff.

...the beautiful palette of colors on the trees around my building.

...being stuck in "snuggle sandwiches" between Gru and Wildcat Guy. It makes getting out of bed difficult, but it's so comforting while I'm lying there. super easy it is to straighten my hair this season.

...these products that make straightening my hair so simple.

...our regular Sunday routine.

...this cartoon that made the Facebook rounds, and how accurately it captures my feelings about the balance between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

...the ideas percolating in my brain for this year's December Daily project.

...the way Wildcat Guy and I both saw this plate and thought, "if that was a cat instead of a dog, we'd totally buy it." - because that's totally something that Gru does.

...finding out I didn't need to be at a day-long series of meetings, and the extra hours of productive task-doing that provided.

...pulled pork barbeque over a baked potato.

...the really helpful guy at the Meijer meat department who helped me pick out the right cut of meat for my pulled pork.

...the oddness of this birthday coupon for a local hibachi restaurant.

...pleasant people at the very crowded grocery store.

...a loaf of cinnamon-chip bread from the local organic store.

...catching up on my postcard album.

...conversations with students - some rewarding, some insightful, some just plain entertaining. afternoon in search of a few new clothes for fall at my favorite department store.

...making wi$e choices in the dressing room.

What made your week good?

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Catt Larson said…
Hahahaha! I love your dad for so many reasons. Now I have one more! FOOD BLOG!!! I'll be a contributing writer!

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