two delicious treats in one

This recipe is absolutely wonderful! It takes two classic desserts and combines them into one delightful treat.

Because really, when you start with this assortment of ingredients, what could go wrong?

But I have to admit - I was skeptical of the raw vegan cookie dough made from a base of cashews and oats...

...until I realized how super easy it is to make, how genuine it tastes, and how convenient it makes this no-bake recipe.

I couldn't resist a picture of this lovely pile of marshmallows. (But note to self - when the recipe says to grease your hands before molding the rice krispies-marshmallow mix into the pan, you should take that seriously.)

Mmm! My student staff (two of whom served as my guinea pigs) agree - these are super-tasty! They're not as thick as I'd expected from the pictures in the original I'm thinking that I might use an 8x11 pan next time for a thicker, chewier bar...but I definitely consider these a yummy success.

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