torn out: from smithsonian magazine

(I was excited when I saw the cover story for this month's Smithsonian magazine.)

(There was an interesting article discussing the realism of this 1951 photo by photographer Orkin. I particularly liked this sentiment from the article's author: "photographs, deservedly or not, carry the promise of literal truth for most viewers.")

(I have seen only six of these ten tearjerkers. And the only one that has brought me even close to crying is "The Notebook.")

(This was an amazing article about a Buddhist monk's ecology study of a local bird species.)

(After seeing this unsettling exhibit when I was in DC in August, it was interesting to read a bit of behind-the-scenes information.)

(There's a Jefferson Bible? Who knew?!)

(Here's the cover story! It's always great to read about innovative ideas being used to address ecological concerns.)

(I had never realized that Marie Curie won not one, but two Nobel Prizes. I really enjoyed the lengthy article about her life and scientific experiences.)

(Although this article about John Howard Griffin - author of the book Black Like Me- touches on the complexities involved in a white man speaking on behalf of black populations during the civil rights movement, I still find it amazing to hear even a little about what Griffin endured, and am looking forward to finding a copy of the book to read.)

Source: October 2011 issue of Smithsonian magazine


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