this week was good because of... new rain coat keeping me wonderfully dry during this week's rainstorms.

...this stunningly simple, heartfelt reflection that gave me great pause about my own aspirations, especially this particular line: "Maybe a higher calling isn't as high as some of us are searching for."

...pumpkin pie frozen yogurt that tasted just like pumpkin pie.

...a delicious dinner with Wildcat Guy and Mama Wildcat.

...remembering that sometimes, being a supervisor to students means long heart-to-heart conversations that don't have easy answers.

...a great mascara that seems pretty eco-friendly, too. (Although I'm sad it's not from my usual line of cosmetics, I'm happy to have found a mascara I like this much.)

...the flexibility to manage my own work hours - especially after two long days to start the week.

...this "bear-y" adorable line of chocolates that I saw at the drug store today.

...finding CD's at the library that I've been interested in listening to. student staff being so welcoming to Wildcat Guy.

...this sweet note from the student who cat-sits for us when she returned my apartment key.

...spending an afternoon as a judge for the debate tournament on campus.

...the imported-from-Detroit pretzels that we've been snacking on.

...the dedication and inspiration in this beautiful creative effort.

...yummy cheese sauce.

...exciting news about a favorite animated film.

What made your week good?

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