wi$dom is...

...looking in my sewing kit before stopping at Hobby Lobby, realizing I already had all the thread colors I needed for the mending that's stacked up, and crossing the store off my list of places to stop this afternoon. This was good both because it saved me money on thread, and because it saved me from the temptation of all the other crafty things there.

...remembering that, if the mending gets done, there are more clothes available in my closet. This might mean trying some new mending skills...but with potentially very budget-friendly results.

...comparing unit prices in the produce section of the grocery store. Because it's apparently less expensive to buy two one-pound bags of carrots (at 69 cents each) than to buy one two-pound bag (at $1.55).

...making as few trips to the grocery store as possible each month.

...getting better at anticipating my grocery needs - for the week ahead (for perishables like milk, fruits and veggies), for the next couple of weeks (for less perishable meal ingredients like meats, grains and some dry goods), and for the month (for frozen foods, paper products, cosmetics and other dry goods).

...taking advantage of birthday discounts (especially when they can be used with standing discounts for members or frequent shoppers).

...recognizing when and how it's okay to splurge on a few little things.

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