two-page tuesday: planning

Okay, so there aren't actually pages to show for the time I spent scrapbooking tonight (not Tuesday). But I got so much work done! I spent more than two hours sorting through stacks of pictures I've had printed for (in some cases) months, designing layouts, picking paper and accents out of my supplies on hand, making a list of what other supplies I need to purchase...because with scrapbook events for two weekends in a row next month, I needed to figure out what I'm going to work on and prepare accordingly.

But apparently, the one thing I wasn't doing enough of tonight was paying attention to Gru. Never mind that I happened to be working on a page layout. Never mind that there was an entire floor for him to lay on. If he laid right in front of me, right on top of what I was working on, then he'd have my full attention, right?

Only until I ran to grab my camera. Just like a good scrapbooker would.

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