this week was good because of...

...a lovely rainbow over the park.

...Friday lunch with colleagues in the campus cafeteria - and the students' curious surprise at seeing us there.

...playing miniature golf with Wildcat Guy.

...his growing comfort with my camera (even when I don't realize he's taking pictures).

...having a decent game of mini-golf. Decent enough that I won!

...moments together that feel real and normal and amazing.

...the return of apple streusel french toast at Cracker Barrel.

...successfully facilitating or co-facilitating four trainings in two days. student staff's amazing, endearing creativity that results in activities like armchair forts in which to watch Disney movies.

...smores and good conversations on the back lawn of my hall.

...eating the last square of brownie right from the pan.

...a beautiful acoustic cover of a song I really like.

...the pumpkin-decorating version of Lite Brite. So cool!

...feeling like this week has been a great example of work-life balance.

...Christmas crafts and decor at Hobby Lobby. Super early? Yes. But who can deny the little-kid sense of wonder at seeing the first glimpses of the Christmas season to come?!

...the first win of the football season. Finally!

...a delicious pumpkin muffin that he got for me from the campus bakery.

...kind, encouraging words from former students that warm my heart and affirm the work I do.

...Gru enjoying the open windows. Even if he wasn't interested in the two squirrels playing on the tree. of a friend's engagement.

...pepperoni calzones for dinner.

...a sermon at this morning's service that has prompted much thought and reflection.

What made your week good?

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Catt Larson said…
That photo of the golfball is perfect! So good! MMMMM Cracker Barrel. I barely ready for Halloween much less Christmas! So after seeing that giant pumpking muffin I will be making the pumpkin choc chip squares this week! Who got engaged??

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