this week was good because of... absolutely lovely day off with Wildcat Guy in Pigeon Forge.

...striking a fun balance between planning our day and going with the flow.

...delicious, perfectly crisp bacon (and some yummy, dense chocolate chip pancakes, too) at one of the many pancake houses on the main drag.

...talking about our wedding plans.

...taking an old-time saloon photo. wisely at the outlet mall.

...finding out that Oakley makes awesome, sexy jeans...and the look on his face when I walked out of the dressing room.

...awesome, sexy jeans for $15 (84% off the original price!).

...a beautiful strawberry cake for one of my staff member's birthdays.

...seeing hot air balloons lit up at night.

...this bold ad initiative.

...really kind, generous praise from one of our campus counselors.

...figuring out the perfect spot for our eighteen-month mural.

...his help around the house.

...putting together pretty decent meals out of leftovers. new Lady Antebellum CD arriving in the mail! (with a great cookbook, too)

...the much-appreciated details of good customer service - like automatic price adjustment and free shipping (especially when the free shipping could have been invalidated by the price adjustment).

...a nail-biter of a football game. from the opposing team sitting behind us who were very vocal, but also appropriate. myself a funky, team-spirited manicure that kept me from actually biting my nails.

...time with Mom and Dad Wildcat.

...the Fusion Skewers at TGIFriday's - both the Mediterranean and the Hibachi.

...a twelve-hour work day that actually felt manageable and unstressful.

...colorful homeknit socks from Mom to keep my toes warm during the minor cold spell late this week.

...enjoying the Miss Universe pageant.

...time laughing and hanging out with residents at a Friday-afternoon social.

What made your week good?

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Catt Larson said…
That cake looks really good! So fresh and delicious! LOVE LOVE LOVE the old-time photo. Naturally I also love the post about the chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. No surprise there

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