two-page tuesday: card-sized

Yay! I got to work at my scrapbook table tonight. After a hectic few weeks, it felt so nice to sit and play with supplies...

...not for pages, but for a couple of cards for two dear little girls whose birthdays are this month.

This one is for the older sister (who will be 3)...and yes, I realize that it doesn't automatically scream, "three year-old." Oh well. I hope she'll like the colors and the shapes.

And this one is for the younger sister (who will be one). The "d" is the initial for her first name...with a tied-in message on the inside.

It felt so satisfying to spend even a little bit of time scrapbooking...and even moreso because of what these little bits of love are celebrating.

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Catt Larson said…
well I LOVE the cards. Can't wait to get them!! They will certainly not have anything else like them

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