this week was good because of... enjoyable Saturday evening at the wedding of Wildcat Guy's colleague.

...his interest in the details of planning our own wedding.

...recognizing when my comments and observations will make his frustration worse.

...making time for myself in a busy week. Because sometimes, sitting at Panera for an hour - by myself, writing postcards and notes to friends - is the perfect respite.

...a beautiful cloudscape after a pouring-down rain.

...sitting in the parking lot at Culver's to eat our custard and enjoy the rain.

...a very productive Monday morning working from home.

...with Gru's company.

...spending the 20-minute window of nothing that fell between "finish multiple little tasks for work" and "time to start dinner for my staff" nestled into Wildcat Guy's side, resting.

...the whimsical, vintage-y veggie display at the grocery store.

...managing my task list very well...even if the sleep schedule suffered a bit.

...a lovely heart-to-heart conversation with a staff member who was feeling overwhelmed by life.

...making welcome bags for my student staff that go with our red-carpet training theme.

...the first few days of working with my new student staff.

...remembering how delighted they get by the simplest things - like ice cream sandwiches. last watermelon for the season. (And look at how thin the rind is?!) plans to spend "NYE in the D." (Oh - that would be "New Year's Eve in Detroit" for those not in the know.)

...finalizing plans to visit another dear friend in October - for scrapbooking and lots of quality time with her and her family.

...partaking in Miracle Treat Day.

...a pleasant break in the humidity. And (as a result) having dinner outside. similar our tastes in music can be - including our shared disbelief for how certain surveys turn out.

...staying well-hydrated.

...the invitation to my friend's girls' birthday party. Even though I can't go, it was so nice to receive that in the mail - she did an amazing job designing them.

...a delicious new tea.

...conversations about photo and decor projects with one of my best's tough not to be able to have those conversations in person, but I'm thankful for the email and Facebook that make them possible at all.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: this week's training schedule


Catt Larson said…
So I see here that you have trips planned to see both Tabitha (I assume that is the October trip from fb posts) and Shannon... something is missing... hmmm
Catt Larson said…
Oh, and even though you will probably never be able to make their party - you will ALWAYS be invited!

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