week in the life: wednesday

Today is the first day I've done my hair since Friday. Why today? Because it's date night, of course.

Mmmm. For lunch, I made a PB&J sandwich on the bread from the Farmers Market, and it was yummy.

Someone remind me why I thought it was a good idea not to repair the A/C in my truck this year?

I. Love. This. Picture. And to think I was disappointed that I couldn't get a picture of the other side of the marquis, which had the title of the movie we were there to see.

The inside of this theater is so stunning.

I often get frustrated by my camera's regular settings, which turn yellow indoor lighting into an unpleasant orange hue. Trying out the sepia-tone setting apparently fixes that.

We look pretty good in sepia, hanging out before the start of "The Princess Bride."

After the movie, we both wanted food. So we decided to try Cheapside Bar, where I had previously only been for drinks.

The straws were so thin! But the tea was very good.

This nacho pizza was delicious - especially the key lime crema drizzled on top, and the black bean dip at the very bottom of the layers.


JennV said…
Wow, that nacho pizza looks delicious! And very cool that you got to see Princess Bride in theater. I would love to do that.
Lee said…
Jenn, it definitely was yummy! The only thing that would have made it even better was a fresh salsa on top (which they brought in a cup on the side, but I didn't care for the flavor of). I'm looking forward to also trying their White Veggie pizza, and their Chicken BBQ pizza.

And seeing "The Princess Bride" on the big screen was just amazing...and it was fun to be in such a large audience. It made the laughing moments funnier, and the "awww" moments even more poignant. Although I have to admit - it was a bit disconcerting to hear the rousing round of applause and cheers when Inigo killed the six-fingered man. =)

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