week in the life: tuesday

First, one last picture from last night as I was climbing into bed...just a couple of minutes after I had smushed a bug by the door.

"Umm, Gru? The bug is gone." - I guess he could smell it?

And then, this morning...

I love that Gru likes to snuggle in the morning, in the minutes between when my alarm goes off and when I get up.

It's neat to see my footprints in the freshly-washed bath mat. (And yes, I really do get a kick out of this every time I wash the mat.)

How long does an uncarved Halloween pumpkin last? About nine months.

Lots of sparkle and color - I wore two of my favorite bracelets today, and of course - my favorite piece of any jewelry.

This packaging from The Body Shop seemed excessive for one tube of face wash - but I appreciated the lack of plastic.

New die cuts in the Resource Room at work are always fun to explore!

I've given up trying to like unsalted pretzels. Butter snaps taste so much better!

All this and a loaf of homemade potato bread, for less than $10? Awesome.

An easy practice felt good this evening.

Breathe. I always find the first few minutes of practice restful for my mind.

Gru was determined to insert himself into my practice. So would I call this feline-enhanced Child's Pose the Kitten's Pose?

Finally! I'd had cupcake mix and frosting for a few weeks, so it was nice to create time for baking in my schedule tonight.

It's official - I have seen a few too many episodes of "Cupcake Wars."

I even saved a cupcake for Wildcat Guy!


Cindy said…
good deal on all those veggies, great photos!!!
Lee said…
Thanks! I sometimes feel like the farmers' market is hit or miss, but this week was most definitely a hit!

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