week in the life: thursday

9:19 am, and I'm tired? How did I get up so early last week?

There's a furry monster under my bed! It's so amusing to see the way he wiggles along to get out from under the bed.

Okay, so it's not the healthiest breakfast - but it certainly tasted good.

I spent lots of time on my computer today...and when I needed a quick break, I minimized everything to enjoy the view on my desktop.

I started working on the door decs for my staff this week (with help from our office worker) - they are going to look so great (and go so nicely with our training theme of "Red Carpet Experience")!

Although I'm very excited about the arrival of one of my favorite candies in the stores, it's hard to be interested in mellowcreme pumpkins when it's so ridiculously hot outside.

Gru certainly loves his ice cubes!

The carrots from the farmers' market smelled and tasted so fresh!

I always appreciate Wildcat Guy's help in the kitchen.

Our "chicken" nuggets were yummy, too - especially with a side of shells and white cheddar.

I wanted to do something simple and tasty with the blackberries...

...so it was fun to find a recipe for berry crumble in one of my cookbooks. Topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it was delightful.


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