week in the life: sunday

I have to admit - this is a totally fake smile. Sadly, I woke up on the cranky side this morning.

But the praise songs and the thought-provoking sermon at church cut right through the crankiness, and by the time church was over, the edge was gone...I felt much more peaceful.

It was so strange, to see cups of Beta fish just sitting amongst other merchandise on the shelves.

Hello, little fishie!

By the end of the afternoon, my coffee table was quite the jumble - with comics and coupons from the Sunday paper, to-do lists, a folder of work stuff...and a little bit of chocolate to help me along.

Hmmm...am I the only one awake in the apartment?

Yes. Yes, I am. It's sweet, though, to see both my guys snoozing.

Being the end of the month, it was time to finish my July budget and plan my August budget. July was a little bit messy, but still under budget - yay!

I used to read this magazine all the time...now, though, it's an occasional treat.

This is what happens when I am trying to use up things in the fridge and cupboard: turkey kielbasa cooked in Mexican rice, with some leftover chopped green pepper tossed in. It was good.

Tomorrow evening, I'm hosting our office "relax and hang out before the pre-semester craziness starts" get-together. Which meant I needed to bake a dessert. It started with two bags of pound cake mix...

...and turned into a lime pound cake that I will top tomorrow with a simple strawberry sauce. Quick, easy, delightful.

It was another wonderful Sunday with my love...and I was so appreciative of his help with some little tasks around the house.

And that's it - a week in my life. I have to admit, by today, the pictures were waning...but I enjoyed the simple approach to documenting my week. Now to put it all together somehow in my scrapbook...


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