week in the life: saturday

La-zy morning! It feels so luxurious to sleep until 9:30 or 10 on Saturday.

While waiting for me to wake up enough to get out of bed, Gru kept himself busy with bathtime.

With the weather looking sketchy, I decided to skip the pool and just do a quick visit to the tanning bed, instead.

On my way back to the apartment, I stopped to buy our candy for the movies. (Yes, I sneak candy in. Who doesn't?!)

It amuses me to see these cherry-pickers left parked in random places on my building's lawn.

All dressed up and ready to go...to see Wildcat Guy and enjoy a date night at the movies!

I still have not seen this - which makes me sadder than a bear with no "hunny." If only the local theater would show more than one showing a day (and at 11:40 am, no less).

We haven't been to the movies as often as we would have liked this summer, but it makes me so happy that he is as much of a movie person as I am.

After seeing the last Harry Potter film, we headed over to Culver's for dinner.

If you look really closely at the top bun, you can see where the butter (from their famous butter burgers) has seeped into the bun. My stomach wasn't too happy with this later, but it sure tasted good at the time.

On the drive home, the foggy haze from earlier rainstorms made things look pretty interesting.

In an effort to make tomorrow's stop at the grocery store go as quickly as possible, I put together my list tonight: baking supplies, margarita ingredients, and just enough to get me through Wednesday morning.


Rosie said…
Love how you shop and documenting your shopping list!
Lee said…
Thanks! I usually try to grocery shop in larger "chunks" - i.e. for a couple of weeks at a time - but since I'm going on a trip later this week, I've been trying to use up as much groceries as I can. So this event-driven shopping trip was a must. =)

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