week in the life: monday

This year, I'm trying a simpler approach to my Week in the Life photos. Last time, I tried to take as many pictures as I could...made sure I took certain pictures (of my outfit, of my morning music, etc.) every day...and ended up having way too much trouble whittling everything down into a manageable final product. So this time around, the pictures might seem more random and limited - not as representative of the scope of that particular day. But I'm looking forward to seeing how that turns out. Because different can be just as good, right?

Hmm. Waking up to a rainy morning doesn't seem like the best start to the week.

A cup of OJ while I get ready is a must!

Lunch is packed!

After a week away, being back in the office was kinda tough.

I'm looking forward to saying thank you to the faculty who made last week's experience so rewarding!

This fan has been a saving grace this summer in an office with poorly functioning A/C!

Ooops! I didn't realize my colleague had put mailing labels in the printer.

This evening, a good vacuuming was in order.

The bathroom also got a thorough cleaning. Ahh - the satisfaction of domestic productivity!


Kimberly said…
Fun photos for the day! I haven't done Week in the life in the past, however am giving it a try. I took an average # of photos... I'll see how that goes when I have to choose.
Lee said…
Thanks! I take a lot of day-to-day pictures in regular life - most of which I do very little with, other than posting them online, perhaps - so it's difficult to know how much I want to push myself past that, in order to have scrapbooking options. Today (Wednesday), for example, I took very few pictures during the day - but a whole bunch tonight on my date with my fiance. Which is par for the course in my world. Whatever works, right?

Although I would love to know - when you say "average #", how do you define average? =)

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