week in the life: friday

"Would you please put that camera down and scratch behind my ears?"

"Would you please put the camera down and lay back down to snuggle?"

Unsure about the weather? Let me check my phone. It looks like another sunny day in store.

I stopped into Kroger to get a drink from Starbucks and thought this display of local produce was such a fun idea.

And while I was waiting for my drink to be made, I couldn't help envisioning what a bouquet of hydrangea blooms might look like. (And yes, that's my hand in the bottom left corner, "holding" the potted plant.)

Round #2 with the new stylist turned out just as fabulously as the Round #1. She's a keeper!

Right before Wildcat Guy said the blessing at dinner, he told me, "My cheek would like a kiss." I couldn't leave his cheek in need, could I?

Gru will try to convince you that he doesn't like being relegated to the armchair when Wildcat Guy and I are both sitting on the couch. You can decide for yourself.

One of the best home-based things we've done this summer is occasionally playing board games after dinner. Tonight was our first time playing Rummy together.

(Grr...how annoying that my favorite photo from today won't upload correctly.) Anyways, the white "flash eyes" just make this picture of Gru chasing his tail like a crazy kitty even more hilarious!


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