this week was good because of...

...a lovely, neighborhood-y type of date night, complete with dessert on a patio and live music in the air.

...honest, helpful conversations about our vision and priorities for the wedding.

...the waitress mistakenly bringing us a large order of soft pretzels. Leftovers!

...barbeque chicken pizza, with chicken grilled in a brown ale marinade. Mmmm.

...a lovely little frozen yogurt shop with an awesome underlying mission.

...just making it to the cupcake shop on our way to dinner.

...a classic movie at an old-fashioned theater.

...the time I get to spend with him...whether out on a date, or relaxing in.

...going with a lighter color for my pedicure - love how pretty "The Grape Lakes" is.

...the delightful scent of freshly-brewed sweet tea wafting through my apartment.

...a whole load of laundry that could air dry.

...finding out that this film is being released this summer.

...Paula Deen's funny "recipe" for Buttermilk Biscuits.

...a great start to the week on Monday, when I completely finished my to-do list...and then some!

...welcoming a new colleague to our office.

...absolutely delicious burgers! (So glad we bought this!)

...sweet comments of encouragement from a dear friend.

...watching an oldie-but-goodie comedy on TV.

...taking some time to soak in His Word and soothe my soul. a valuable reflection about grace.

...and making some time to play in my journal.

...getting my thoughts in order.

...the tan line that's developing on my left ring finger.

...the pretty drive west on a college Prius.

...a super-entertaining radio station for the latter part of my drive. Because really, how could I not enjoy a station that plays "Rumpshaker" and "Step by Step" back to back, and follows those up a few songs later with Color Me Badd?

...biting my tongue at the optometrist's office.

...a candid, necessary conversation with a staff member about difficult circumstances.

...arriving at a week-long professional development training.

...the push I gave myself at dinner to step out of my comfort zone and make conversation with fellow training colleagues.

...a heartwarming moment of my two guys napping while I finished packing.

...the beautiful trust and faith that permeates these praise reports.

...staff who step up in urgent situations.

What made your week good?

Where I am: Louisville, KY
What I'm reading: the Sunday paper, and training materials


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