this week was good because of...

...opening day at the local pool.

...laughter and conversation with Wildcat Guy over lunch at Cracker Barrel.

...making a pitcher of Kool-Aid after a day at the pool.

...air conditioning.

...delicious turkey and black bean wraps.

...smears of smashed avocado.

...Gru's new interest in ice. (Seriously - he comes running when he hears me cracking ice out of the tray!)

...seeing TV previews for the last Harry Potter film. "official" letter of employment and benefits for the coming year.

...a fun hibachi lunch with my colleagues.

...having a moment to vent about ridiculousness.

...the newest issue of my favorite wedding magazine.

...a fresh, filling chicken caesar salad at Panera.

...successfully using Skype for the first time.

...having "gorgeous" teeth.

...enough money leftover from my May budget to pay for my dentist visit without using my credit card.

...a lovely, inspiring graphic on the cover of a journal at Target.

...enjoying a pizza and breadsticks dinner on the back lawn with Wildcat Guy.

..."Mutts" comics being delivered via email in "real time."

...discovering the magic of Glue Dots.

...a Memorial Day crop at the local scrapbook store. (Because what better way to spend a day off, especially when it's 90 and humid outside?!)

...a postcard from Kenya (!).

What made your week good?

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