wishing i'd tried this first

After the failed experiment with Greek yogurt, one of my friends recommended plain yogurt - specifically, Dannon vanilla. Because I trust her taste, I decided to be brave and give this yogurt thing a second try.

Now, I have to admit - when I opened the cup Thursday evening, it was tough to take a taste. It looked the same as the Greek yogurt (and let's be honest, both look like sour cream). And I was not looking forward to the possibility of throwing away another full container of yogurt. But I made myself stop thinking about how sour and not good the Greek yogurt tasted, dipped my spoon in, and gave it a try.

Aaaaaand...it was okay. I didn't love it - I think I'll have to acquire the taste for it - but I didn't grimace either. Which I considered a step in the right direction.

In fact, after taking a few bites of the vanilla yogurt, I put a lid on it and put it back in the fridge for a later taste. Yes - I kept it to eat more. That, friends, is progress. Then, tonight, inspired by one of the food sites I like, I decided to try mixing some toppings in with it.

Still not perfect...still a taste I need to acquire...but a handful of Kashi cereal and chocolate chips helped me understand why people like not only yogurt, but also yogurt parfaits.

Hmmm...I might become a fan of yogurt after all. It's just going to take some time. And more Kashi.

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