two-page tuesday: finishing up

Yesterday, the local scrapbook store hosted a free Memorial Day crop. Since it was way too hot to sit outside on the lawn (and since the local pool doesn't open until this weekend), I went - and got so much great stuff done. So tonight? Was finishing a couple of pages I wasn't able to complete yesterday.

Yes - I am on of "those people" who not only takes pictures at the scrapbook events my friends and I go to, but also turns the pictures into their own scrapbook pages.

I was so pleased with how this hinge page turned out, and so happy that these particular papers worked as well as I'd hoped when I picked them out of my stash - the colors were such a perfect fit for colors in the pictures!

Tonight, I also added the title and journaling to this layout (which I had put the photos on yesterday). The design of this page is an adaptation from a design I saw on a paper by EK Success, and the finished product looks really good. But because the page features an activity with my student staff and coworkers, I've decided not to post it. Sorry...guess you'll just have to take my word for how it looks.

It felt great to continue my work after a wonderful day of creativity yesterday!

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OH Joneses said…
hey--- I recognize that scrapper :)

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