this week was good because of...

...a delicious dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Lexington.

...laughing with him until my cheeks hurt.

...celebrating Wildcat Guy's great semester with a tasty dessert.

...the simple comfort of waking up next to him. from a local festival drifting in the window.

...sharing a slow dance in the dining room.

...seeing more lovely artwork at TJ Maxx. Seeing. Not buying. wisely and scoring great deals on pieces for my summer wardrobe.

...the relief of creamy, chocolate ice cream on a muggy, A/C's-not-on-yet evening.

...introducing Wildcat Guy to the treat of shaved ices.

...redeeming the massage gift certificate that Wildcat Guy gave me for Valentine's.

...a successful hall closing to start the summer.

..."Berry, Berry Broadway" nail polish from O.P.I.

...rewarding myself with a pedicure after a visit to my least favorite doctor.

...getting to read the Royal Wedding issue during my relaxing pedicure.

...finding a fun toy for Gru. That he plays with!

...time-consuming, challenging, really good conversations with a colleague about updating campus procedures.

...lemon ricotta pancakes with raspberries.

...finally understanding why everyone liked this movie so much.

...a lovely bouquet of wildflowers from Wildcat Guy.

...making progress in our department's hiring process.

...a stunning display of art quilts.

...his amusement when I get so easily distracted by whatever we're walking by.

...a last-play comeback to win our first game of Scrabble.

...finding all the supplies I need for six different scrapbook pages right in my own stash.

...delicious root beer to go with an enormous chef salad.

...relaxing on the lawn with a good book.

...throwing an outfit together that was very unusual for me, but very fun and comfy.

...a new sundress that looks equally good with tall black boots or sassy red heels.

...the perfect pair of flip-flops for my future sister-in-law's outdoor June wedding.

...starting Saturday morning with a fun (if predictable) musical.

What made your week good?

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