addendum: this week was good because of...

(Note to self - if you're going to keep a post-it in your planner listing things that made the week good, it's helpful to consult that list when publishing that week's list. Oops.)

Soooo...I forgot a few things when I made this Sunday's list of things that made my week good. Things like...

...finding fun kids' craft ideas (in a magazine at the chiropractor's office) to share with friends who have children.

...the way Wildcat Guy actively participates in the care of our kitty.

...the irony of finding out the A/C is on in my building (yay!), only to not need it because the weather was beautiful and mild. (Remember - last week. This week? Well, we'll talk about that on Sunday.)

...a save-the-date card arriving in the mail.

...the pleasant surprise of being invited to that particular wedding.

Okay. Now I'm caught up. Hope this week is full of good things for everyone!

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