welcome to the family, kitty!

Today, we expanded our family by one. One of my students was trying to find a new home for her cat, and since Wildcat Guy and I had been considering adopting a cat, we went to her house this afternoon to meet Lewis. Then we fell in love with Lewis. He is this affectionate, sweet fat kitty who thinks the best thing in the world is people petting him. And his purr? Goes on and on and on.

So we brought him home with us. And he is simply adorable. Already, he's taken to sitting on the couch next to me (where he's snoozing and purring)...and he seems content to be in this, his new home. In fact, the only thing sweeter than having Lewis here was hearing Wildcat Guy say, "our family's gone from two to three."

Welcome home, Lewis!*

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: just finished Gifted Hands by Ben Carson, and Uncommon Gratitude by Joan Chittister

* or rather, "the cat currently known as Lewis who will be renamed once we think of a more fitting name"


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