"to market, to market, to buy a fat pig..."

. (noun) - an open place or a covered building where buyers and sellers convene for the sale of goods.

Last weekend, I had an amazing time at the Kentucky Crafted Market with Mom and Dad. This is such a unique experience - artists and craftspeople from across the state and region showcasing their talent for the public. I couldn't resist sharing photos and notes on vendors that stood out on my walk through the marketplace...

(from Moe's Ache Studio) Look at the dog's ear - it's made of discarded rabies tags. The creativity of these mosaic sculptures was so much fun!

Also, there was the Cock Tail table. The punny name makes the accent piece even sweeter!

(from It's a Jungle Clayworks)

The expressions on these clay animals' faces were whimsical and endearing, and the potters certainly fulfill their self-stated goal of crafting "functional pieces that have a sense of humor."

Also whimsical? The clay birds, baskets and other pieces adorned with embossed patterns of lace, greenery and other found textures and painted in soft, soothing colors.

It was neat to see a demonstration of how glass beads are made. Such a slow, patient process!

This year, I was really happy to discover the strict "no photos allowed" policy has been relaxed, with a more social media-friendly, "please ask before taking photos" approach. But it was still disappointing when some vendors said no. It means I don't have photos of the amazing jewelry I came across - jewelry that gracefully declared, "perfect for wedding jewelry." I will definitely be visiting her website in the future!

Seeing artists' work in progress was certainly a nice highlight of the Market. They had both book binding and printing press demos on display at this local press' booth.

It's always so refreshing and inspiring to see handmade craftwork on display and for sale!

I couldn't resist purchasing a couple of their letter press cards, featuring images from the various books they publish!

Speaking of books, one of the more creative artists I saw incorporated pages from used books as the background to her gorgeous silhouettes. And though she mentioned during our conversation her concerns about the appropriateness of "destroying" books for this purpose, I really appreciated the innovative, even sustainable repurposing of books that otherwise might be thrown away.

Dad's favorite aisle? The food aisle, where vendors associated with the Kentucky Proud brand (and similar movements in surrounding states) provide tastes and samples of their products.

At first, I was teasing Dad when the fudge vendor recognized him - "Really? you've bought so much fudge from this company that the owner remembers you?" - and then I tasted the delicious, melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate fudge. More, please!

This adorable big honey bear drew my attention to another table farther down the aisle.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any need for honey (since I haven't even opened the jar of homemade honey Mom gave me back in December), even with this cute bear on the label.

However, after trying a spoonful, I couldn't leave without a jar of the honey cinnamon spread. Smooth, cinnamony and delightfully sweet - especially on whole wheat toast!

Also delicious? The enormous cookies from Cabin Cookies. Mom and I were a little skeptical of the $2 per cookie price - until we tried them at home that night. These cookies were worth every penny! They're soft, chewy, and so yummy - even moreso when I realized this peanut butter cookie dipped in chocolate also had chocolate inside!

This was meant to be a picture of the food aisle, looking back as we completed our venture down one side (on the left) and began our journey down the next side (on the right). I didn't realize I was capturing Dad in the act of browsing! That's him in the orange sweatshirt, peering over the salesman to see the small cups of spicy seafood gumbo being offered.

After we finished snacking, I had two last stops to make. A couple of years ago, I purchased a wonderful oval baking dish, and since then, I've very much wanted to acquire a matching pie plate. So I was pleased to see the studio at the Market, and thrilled to find out they had the plate in stock. And the mug? Well, let's call that an impulse buy.

And as I'd browsed booths earlier in the day, I'd seen a beautiful collection of pastels that stayed in my mind enough that I decided to purchase a couple of cards made from prints of her work. She captures the personality of the animal subjects so well! Such a wonderful day!

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What I'm reading: The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley, and Uncommon Gratitudes by Joan Chittister

(title from the nursery rhyme, "To market, to market"); (flying pig garden stake by Yard Birds); (definition of "market" from dictionary.com)


TheBaxter said…
Such an awesome day! I love the honey bear--his netting made me chuckle :-)

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