this week was good because of...

...morning sun on beautiful flowers from Wildcat Guy.

...experiencing walking meditation for the first time. amazing jazz concert.

...a "new" Asian cafe with tasty dishes.

...making good use of Groupons and coupons this week.

...campus quieting down for Spring Break.

...getting the cabinet under the kitchen sink organized...

...using a tool caddy that I almost donated to Goodwill (until I realized it would work perfectly for this purpose and save me the trouble of buying something).

...a weird, intriguing documentary.

...creamy rigatoni and sausage.

...a hilarious moment of clarity in this week's episode of "Bethenny Ever After."

...sorting through and condensing boxes of stuff I've accumulated from Mom & Dad's house in recent months...

...creating this big empty space, where there were previously stacked boxes (CD on the floor for a better idea of the space I created).

...lots of organizing and cleaning and sorting this weekend.

...the ability to be honest with each other when we're hurt, frustrated or confused.

...a fresh-tasting, delightful meal.

...exciting architectural plans for a new residence hall.

...adorable cupcake treats at the grocery store. "How much is that doggie in the window?"

...a 4-hour "catching up on life" conversation with a former student.

...fat-free brownies with an amusing name and a rich, delicious flavor.

...this fun fact from the March issue of Smithsonian magazine: "every peat moss plant in a 2,500-mile stretch from Oregon to the Aleutians is genetically identical...'arguably the most genetically uniform group having a widespread distribution yet detected.' "

...soul-satisfying reading...

...partly because of a new Lent-centered book group on campus.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: Uncommon Gratitude by Joan Chittister


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