celebrate!-ing creativity

This past Saturday, I got to spend the day at a Celebrate! event. And while the event is full of neat little extras - technique classes, product demos, make-and-takes - what I love so much is sharing the experience with friends...scrapbooking, exchanging stories, catching up on each other's lives, laughing. It's fulfilling at so many levels!

And it's amazing how much I can accomplish! Being able to devote an entire day's block of time to scrapbooking means the flow and the rhythms just go and go. In fact, it was really hard to stop at the end of the day! I'm really proud of the pages I finished while I was there, too...

...especially some of the page accents, like this mock-Ikea logo I created. Made entirely from stuff I had on hand, including some leftover alphabet stickers that I colored navy blue. Go me!

Such a lovely day!

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