this week was good because of...

...scrapbooking with friends (female and male!). For ten hours.

...the luxury of time to indulge in creativity and laugh with friends.

...his hugs and kisses.

...a greater sense of balance this week.

...getting to know this adorable doggie.

...the comfort of feeling at home in a friend's house.

...thoughtful conversations about life and love.

...having fun with two of my favorite children.

...designing a Lego "house" with a green roof and a wading pool on the second-floor terrace. that continues to satisfy both my mental and physical cravings.

...tortilla soup from Max & Erma's.

...making the most of a six-hour block of meeting- and appointment-free time in the office.

...silly, laugh-inducing conversations with my student staff. them room to make decisions for themselves and their team.

...a waffle cone of chocolate cake batter ice cream with Reese's peanut butter cups.

...the season premiere of a new interpretation of a guilty pleasure.

...realizing a mistake in time to fix it without too much difficulty.

...looking at rescue cats with Wildcat Guy.

...the purchase of the last piece in my bathroom redesign.

...trying new foods.

...the comfort we provide each other when life gets complicated.

What made your week good?

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