this week was good because of...

...our celebration of Wildcat Guy's birthday.

...a delicious birthday dinner at a local steakhouse.

...getting to spoil him a little bit.

...surprising him with a birthday cake at midnight.

...the look on his face when he opened his birthday present.

...challenging, thought-provoking words from a campus speaker.

...a relatively non-dramatic first round of student staff selection for next year.

...finally buying a second muffin pan, to make baking for my crowds a little easier. unexpected visit to the chiropractor ending with a thirty-minute massage. Ahhhhh.

...the graceful moment of sharing in a blessing before dinner.

...a new session of yoga, and a thought shared by the instructor on Thursday - "there is so much to learn in this moment if we allow ourselves to be present." decorations for my Valentine's Day cupcakes.

...silver cupcake liners.

...a lovely, easy-going, productive Saturday.

...letting my heart have a moment...then reminding my heart that everything happens in God's time, not mine.

...amusing Wildcat Guy with my multi-media multi-tasking during the Grammy's.

...realizing it's that time of year in the candy aisle.

...words of appreciation from a colleague.

...watching my "guys" (my male student staff) devour a pan of lasagna.

...simple, scrap-based cards that I love the look of.

...a heart-to-heart conversation with a student staff member.

...his understanding and listening to my frustrations this afternoon. absolutely stunning "quote of the week" shared by a wise soul.

What made your week good?

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