this week was good because of... unexpectedly private showing of an unexpectedly entertaining movie.

...bright red toenails.

...interviewing students for next year's leadership positions in our department.

...a lovely bouquet of gerbera daisies from Wildcat Guy.

...the little sense of delight I feel when he says he picked a particular bouquet of flowers because they seemed most like me - because, from the beginning of our relationship, the flowers he has brought me have been flowers I enjoy. How delightful to think he understands my tastes!

...(and on a related note) his understanding that I am not the biggest fan of roses...that I would rather have gerbera daisies or a bouquet of carnations over an arrangement of roses.

...a delicious cup of chocolate custard with brownie pieces delivered with the flowers.

...participating in an interesting experience with our campus safety department.

...breaking open our bags of Michigan potato chips.

...a relaxing, low-key watching of the Super Bowl.

...a handful of cool/fun/interesting Super Bowl commercials - including this one for Chrysler.

...taking a group of students to a state leadership development conference.

...being "that table" at the conference banquet - and having so much fun laughing.

...networking and sharing experiences with colleagues at the conference.

...a long-enough break in the conference schedule to take a luxurious two-hour nap.

...spending the night at his place after date night. (Hello, king-sized pillow-top mattress!)

...the sense of being a team and respecting each other's opinions. a dinner for one of my student staffs.

...jambalaya. Mmm!

...Wildcat Guy's comment that he's proud of me and the work I do.

What made your week good?

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Adrianne said…
that makes me so sad that no one else was watching King's Speech! But, I'm glad that you saw it. Give me a little Colin Firth and I'm happy.

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