two-page tuesday: the return!

This week, I had a specific task in mind for my return to Tuesday scrapbooking - the first "assignment" for Ali Edwards' "One Little Word" class that I'm taking this year. At some point, I want to add some more of the journaling I've done (in my paper journal) to this notebook (and share those thoughts here, as well), but for tonight, I was pleased with the very simple approach I took to the prompts and pages I completed

(the ultra-simple title page, which refuses to upload in the proper if you just tilt your head to the right, you get a better look...I realized while uploading my pictures to the class gallery that I'd missed the very first pre-class prompt, which had a template for the title page...briefly considered remaking it, and decided I liked this well enough, even if it means my word isn't actually introduced until page two)

(the incomplete self-portrait page...pending the taking and printing of a recent self-portrait...accented with my word for 2011 - wisdom)

(brief reflections on the meaning and personal significance of my 2011 word)

It felt so good to sit at my scrapbook table and let my word for 2011 settle in, creatively and thoughtfully. Ahhh. I'm so happy that a regular scrapbooking night is back in my schedule!

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: just finished The Outlander by Gil Adamson


Gorgeous pages, and a wonderful word!
Thanks for sharing.
Catt Larson said…
a regular scrapbooking time... I'm so bamboozled by that concept right now. I. have. no. words.

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