this week was good because of...

...enjoying a delicious dinner with Wildcat Guy at a local Mediterranean cafe.

...his patient amusement with my penchant for pictures.

...completely cleaning out and reorganizing my closet of scrapbook and other creative supplies.

...a two-day workshop on sustainable building practices and residence hall design.

...a yummy dessert sundae - chocolate custard with chocolate sauce and brownie bites.

...Wildcat Guy reminding me, in the midst of a ridiculous situation, that God has a sense of humor.

...words of encouragement (and humor) from colleagues.

...getting some scrapbooking done.

...a Saturday morning sans alarm.

...a beautiful snow. inspiration-filled Monday morning full of thoughtful, reflective statuses on Facebook.

...the new issue of Life:Beautiful magazine.

...snuggling with him in bed.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: The Outlander by Gil Adamson


Adrianne said…
what was the gist of your workshop on residence halls and sustainable design? who gave the workshop?
Lee said…
Adrianne, my campus is in the early stages of planning a new residence hall (with construction expected to begin by this fall), and because sustainability is such an important value here, the architects (two firms out of St. Louis) did workshops on LEED and Living Building for the building team. The campus' goal is to use the LEED silver as a standard (with a reach toward LEED platinum); and to earn as many of the Living Building petals as we can.

The various possibilities are both overwhelming and super exciting...this is going to be a really rewarding opportunity for me, to participate on this building team! =)

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