this week was good because of...

...a lovely day to myself...that I ended up sharing a bit of with Wildcat Guy.

...using a Groupon to try out a new-to-me restaurant that served delicious food!

...playing a nerdy, fantastic card game that resulted in my creation of this ridiculous sentence: "My fishy patch slowly peaked behind the inside of nosey, bored New Mexico."

...breaking in the swim goggles (that I bought two years ago) with a not-as-difficult-as-expected six laps.

...clothes shopping with Christmas money.

...making smart choices about what fit my body, what looked good and what suited my wardrobe.

...pausing to take in a beautiful soft sunset full of purples, blues and greys.

...a crazy whirlwind of a national championship football game.

...tasty chef salads - made my way, without lettuce.

...registering for the winter session of yoga classes!

...the hilarious online uproar over a new zodiac system.

...sweet, well-timed compliments from Wildcat Guy.

What made your week good?

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