the holidays were good because of...

...celebrating the end of our Christmas shopping with lunch and dessert at a delicious cafe.

...the fun of saying "our."

...watching a holiday favorite, "The Polar Express."

...finishing Christmas cards.

...the acknowledgement that it's okay for the holidays to be low-key and frills-free.

...mistletoe and beautiful trees at his parents' house.

...the natural fit and comfort I feel around his family.

...Christmas, part one, with Wildcat Guy's family.

...a picture that demonstrates just how much taller than me he really is.

...grilled cheese sandwiches and bowls of tomato soup.

...a couple of lazy days, full of very little.

...spending almost all of my holiday break with him.

...Christmas, part two - just us, relaxing at my place.

...absolutely wonderful, thoughtful gifts from him.

...a Christmas Eve dinner of lasagna and parmesan crescent pinwheels.

...a heart-warming conversation about new traditions.

...showing him just how much I appreciate the gifts his friends didn't think I'd like (including a crockpot and a gift certificate to the local scrapbook store).

...the early stages of discussions about wedding plans.

...a white Christmas.

...attention lavished on the kitties at home.

...disconnecting from internet life for a few days.

...Mom's homemade beef stew.

...Mom's tuna casserole.

...Christmas, part three - with my family.

...the new kitty experiencing the train around the Christmas tree.

...having Wildcat Guy there for our laidback family Christmas celebration.

...changing over from my worn, well-used 2010 planner to my new 2011 planner.

...the first overview of my travel plans for the new year.

...taking a roadtrip to Michigan... he could meet two more of my favorite people.

...the awesome welcome box of Michigan products they prepared for us.

...the delicious, unique guacamole at Cantina Diablo.

...meeting their adorable "designer" pup.

...time spent hanging out, relaxing and catching up.

...introducing Wildcat Guy to the tasty treats of Astoria Pastry Shop.

...a super-cool vintage shop.

...our first New Year's Eve celebration!

...a modern interpretation of the classic dinner dance at the Lafayette Grande.

...a third year of NYE in the D with Steve and Shannon.

...having him to share a midnight kiss with.

...reflecting on the many blessings 2010 brought.

...the anticipation of the exciting challenges that 2011 holds.

What made your holidays good??

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What I'm reading: Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult


Happy new year, Mrs Wildcat! :-)
Your holidays seemed saturated with joy, which was gorgeous to witness.
Thrilled that you're also One Little Word-ing. I'm participating but not really conforming to the scrapbooking requirements i.e. I'm not making an album that looks like Ali's. Instead I'm making my own scrappy collage-y book that explores my word (worthy) using her prompts each month.
Have you chosen your word?
I really like this idea of checking in with it each month and using an art/craft medium to tease out all it has to offer.
Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
Kat xx

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