this week was good because of...

...a visit to the horse park... see the Christmas lights.

...singing "Twelve Days of Christmas" as we drove past that particular series of light displays.

...stopping for dessert.

...being a kind girlfriend - I mean, fiancee! - and having our dessert in the bar so he could watch the basketball game.

...dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant.

...snow. Lots of snow.

...knowing that putting work aside for family matters is the right choice, even when things fall behind.

...beautiful, soothing songs at church.

...the "use what I have" approach for my Christmas card designs.

...getting started on my Christmas shopping. Excuse me, our Christmas shopping.

...the fun of planning holiday stuff as a couple.

...a huge, delightful bowl of chicken noodle soup while I was home sick.

...the comfort of snuggling under a quilt with Wildcat Guy.

...not getting any calls on the duty phone while I'm sick.

...baking a plate of brownies and cookies for our staff appreciation celebration.

...doing that baking first thing on Monday morning - a great way to start the week.

...oh, right - and this pretty new piece of jewelry...

...and the commitment it represents in our lives.

...the hilarious frenzy in the office and on Facebook as a result of the big news.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: ummm...still nothing


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