this week was good because of...

...six days straight with Wildcat Guy.

...lazy-morning snoozing, cuddling and chatting.

...conversations that point things in a very specific (and good) direction.

...the first snow of the year. Which was even prettier being out in the country.

...having Wildcat Guy with me and my family for our Thanksgiving dinner.

...liking a movie more than I expected to. amazing concert by one of the coolest groups ever.

...a road trip to see his team play in the storied annual game v. Tennessee.

...the entertainment of tailgating at 8:45 in the morning.

...a tasty lunch (breakfast?) at Firehouse Subs.

...being one of 101, 170 in attendance at a fun (if disappointing) game.

...this wonderful thought from this week's yoga class: "There is no perfect pose. There is only the perfect pose for you and your body in this moment."

...a delicious pumpkin roll treat from Wildcat Guy's mom.

...laughter, conversation and busywork on the last afternoon at work before a holiday.

...a lovely bouquet of alstromeira, mums, daisies and roses.

...the ability to use my awesome camera to take awesome pictures...

...especially when those awesome pictures are of such great plays as this interception by Kentucky.

...finding delicious and sweet cheese in Mom and Dad's fridge.

What made your week good?

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