this week was good because of...

...a relaxing weekend with a dear friend.

...the first judicial hearing of the year going well.

...Sunday evening snuggling with Wildcat Guy.

...the first holiday meal of the season - i.e. the office Thanksgiving dinner. awesome Sesame Street video (which I must admit I first saw on another blog).

...finding a pair of black pants.

...a delicious new dessert recipe. email from Mom specifically stating, "say hi to [Wildcat Guy]."

...returning to yoga practice.

...the campus choir's fall concert, including a breathtaking version of one of my favorite worship songs.

...a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Wildcat Guy. Before the last bouquet was gone.

...Groupon finally going active in my area.

...purchasing the Entertainment Coupon Book, as well. With a coupon.

...this amusing little message on my Jell-o pudding.

...and this one, too.

...slightly awkward, interestingly odd and surprisingly necessary conversations about sexual definitions with my division's Vice President.

...a DailyOm reflection discussing a topic I enjoy greatly.

...a lovely, inspiring movie.

What made your week good?

Where am I: home
What I'm reading: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell


TheBaxter said…
This week is good because of...

an article on affordable college education that featured your school!

Just thought I'd share. It made me smile and think of you. See you soon :-)

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