soothing my tired brain

Today was just one of those days. Nothing bad happened. Nothing too stressful was on my calendar. There were simply too many pulls on my brain...too many different directions that thoughts were being directed in, from judicial hearings to staff interviews to roommate conflicts to chapel to dumb residents to changes in visitation hours to problems with the painters to Christmas shopping to picking fabrics to stores not having what I wanted to driving in the rain to grocery shopping to a messy apartment...craziness, really.

So when I got home tonight? My brain needed a break. The type of break that involved a bowl of chocolate cake doused in melted cream cheese frosting, a glass of sweet tea, a DVD of "Elizabethtown" and a comfortable couch.

Ahhhhhhhh. My brain feels much better.

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: the Fall issue of Boho and the Holiday issue of LifeBeautiful


TheBaxter said…
"Those postcards I sent to Birmingham, all the way from those windows of Amesterdam..."

Such a great movie. I might have to watch it tonight :-) Do you have the soundtrack? It's amazing for a soothing drive.

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