this week was good because of...

...a day of college football with a good friend...

...and his girlfriend, whom I really enjoyed meeting.

...a laidback afternoon of tailgating. friend's delicious homemade chili.

...a beautiful day for tailgating, and a beautiful day for a game.

...honest, respectful conversation with a colleague after she felt offended by a comment I made during a staff meeting.

...spending Sunday afternoon in the country.

...the thrill of getting a little tiny bit of scrapbooking done.

...the crunching of leaves while we hiked.

...participating in a fraternity alumni dinner.

...smores. Yet again. (I'm completely amused by having smores three times in a month, when I typically eat them very rarely.) that friends are expecting their first baby.

...feeling good about my first venture into the leggings trend.

...Wildcat Guy's compliments about my first venture into the leggings trend.

...carving our pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.

...waking up to his kiss and hug.

...a successful first attempt at making roasted pumpkin seeds.

...words of affirmation from my supervisor after a challenging discussion with my colleagues.

...a lovely bouquet featuring sunflowers, alstroemeria and hydrangea.

...his hug after a very long day.

...making comfort food (courtesy of Mom's recipe for cheddar turkey pie).

...a hilarious (and quite true) poster about cats.

...chocolate Jell-o pudding.

...the interesting, thoughtful arguments that I heard while judging a campus debate tournament.

...adding my mini-pumpkin from the pumpkin patch to my desk decor.

...discussions about faith and testimony with my mentor.

...a super-cool logo for our campus LGBT group.

...making dinner for one of my hall staffs (complete with cheesecake for dessert!).

What made your week good?

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