this week was good because of...

...celebrating my 32nd birthday with Wildcat Guy.

...losing count of the kind, thoughtful birthday wishes from friends and acquaintances across the country. from Wildcat Guy to see one of my favorite bands in concert.

...a mouth-watering, delicious birthday dinner at Ted's Montana Grill.

...waking up to his hugs and kisses.

...breaking out the comfortable flannel pajama pants.

...smores by the campfire with friends. night, and wondering who enjoyed the movie more - me and Tab, or the kids.

...a lovely, unexpected thank-you gesture from a colleague.

...getting good results at my first-ever cholesterol screening.

...making football plans with a good friend.

...a tasty, wholesome new cereal.

...counteracting the health benefits of the new cereal.

...a productive, effort-focusing Board meeting.

...a belated birthday dinner with Wildcat Guy's wonderful, thoughtful parents.

...the yummy (if waaaay oversized) pulled chicken platter at Silver Street Barbeque.

...a relaxing Saturday of scrapbooking.

...taking the first step toward being involved in a new women's ministry at church.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: just finished Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks


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