photo math by karen

I got the nicest surprise from my friend Karen today. After seeing my photos from this weekend's trip to the local corn maze and pumpkin patch, she used her amazing digital skills to do some basic photo math, adding this picture:

to this picture:

to get this sum:

Wow. The sum is definitely greater than its parts!

I don't know how she knew that I was planning to take the two photos and glue them together as prints...but I certainly am thankful for her kind gesture that will make a much better print. When I see her next month in Oklahoma, I owe her so many hugs - and possibly a beer.

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TheBaxter said…
I can facilitate the beer if y'all are coming in Friday :-) After the rehearsal dinner, around 8:30 or 9 Friday night, we're having everyone who wants come over and hang out, have drinks, and visit. You're more than welcome to join!
Karen said…
So I originally read that as a bear not a beer. Which I like both actually, but a beer is harder to get on a plane. But mostly I'm just super excited to see you!!!

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