"it's the roar of a crowd on a friday night..."

I am a big fan of Lady Antebellum. Their music, energy, and spirit are so appealing! I listen to both of their CD's frequently (especially in the mornings while I'm getting ready), and when their songs come on the radio, I definitely turn that volume up and sing along. So imagine how excited I was to find out on my birthday that Wildcat Guy had purchased two tickets for us to see them in concert!

And the show, in a word, was amazing!

I loved everything about the show - from the great setlist (which started with possibly my favorite song of theirs - "Run to You") to the performers' stage presence to the simple awe and emotion of hearing the songs I like so much live (live!), with the person I think of so often when I hear Lady A's songs there by my side.

Ahhhh. That, my friends, is a sigh of contentment. "It was a perfect day."

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What I'm reading: the September issue of InStyle magazine

(lyrics in title from "Stars Tonight"...lyrics at end of post from "Perfect Day")


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