"be full of joy..."

One of the songs I always enjoy singing at church says, "Be full of joy, be full of joy, be full of joy in the Lord always." What I appreciate the most about these lyrics is the thought that being full of joy is not just something that happens on its own. Rather, it's an action. It's a choice.

It's why I write my weekly "this week was good" blogs.It's why I carry my camera everywhere, in hopes of finding little moments throughout the day that I want to capture because they brought a smile to my face and happiness to my heart. It's why I challenge my staff every week to identify one good thing that's happened in their lives that week. Because if we don't seek out the joy, we lose sight of the blessings and the goodness that surround us even on stressful, difficult days.

I was reminded of why I seek joy by today's DailyOm reflection, which said, in part:

Taking in the small joys of each day expands our feeling of being connected with the world, especially once we become more attuned to them. With each passing day, we will find that these small delights, which bring a deeper level of appreciation for everything the universe has given to our lives, are miracles.

Yes. Exactly! I couldn't have said it any better. So here's to a day full of joy for all of us!

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