this week was good because of...

...spending the afternoon and evening at Mom & Dad's with Wildcat Guy.

...this thought from yoga class - "honoring the you you are" at this time, in this moment.

...savoring the campus' annual fall chili cook-off.

...this treat becoming an award-winning dessert with a second-place finish in the cook-off's dessert competition! early beginning to the birthday festivities.

...snoozing next to him on the couch.

...the closing of an era, as my family sold a house and property we've owned for 18 years.

...facilitating a successful, productive training for the campus judicial hearing board. evening of college football.

...a thoughtful, relaxing couple of hours at Starbucks.

...staying on task at work.

...awesome foil animals at Qdoba.

...a kind, sweet, encouraging surprise note from one of my student staff.

...the return of canned pumpkin to the store shelves.

...purchasing six cans of pumpkin for my pantry.

...the season's first bowl of mellocreme pumpkins.

...seeing parli-pro in action again.

What made your week good?

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What I'm reading: A Widow for One Year by John Irving


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