how do i love thee?

Today, I cheered for a team I've spent eighteen years being disinterested in. I rooted for the proverbial "home team." I even wore a team t-shirt in true blue.

Because of you. Because you are a die-hard fan of this team and have season tickets to the football games. Because I was so amused by the smile on your face when I bought the t-shirt. Because you invited me to attend a game with you and your dad. Because it's so much fun to share an interest in college football with you (even if we don't have the same taste in teams). Because, all other reasons aside, I love you.

I may not ever cheer for this team on my own...but I'm so happy we got to experience the season's home opener for your team together.

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser


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