this week was good because of...

...a work retreat full of inspiring conversations and enjoyable moments.

...the beautiful view from the window of our campus' retreat property.

...getting to know my two new colleagues.

...the bag of goodies Mom and Dad got me from the Japanese grocery store.

..."graduating" from the Dave Ramsey financial course.

...welcoming my department's student staff back for the semester.

...sorting through stuff and packing up boxes at Mom and Dad's old house.

...the first yoga class after a prolonged break from my practice. Ahhhhhh!

...catching an episode of the new "Real Housewives" season (in DC).

...a vibrant bouquet of alstroemeria from Wildcat Guy.

...a heart-warming card from a dear friend, complete with drawings from her two adorable children.

...a thoughtful, soulful reflection about thankfulness.

...the fabulous boots in the Jimmy Choo ad in the August InStyle magazine.

...good-morning kisses.

...chocolate custard from Culver's.

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: Children of God Go Bowling by Shannon Olson


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