two-page tuesday #3

This week's Two-Page Tuesday came in a modified version. My campus experienced some severely heavy rain this afternoon, which led to flooding in almost all of our residence halls, which led to me (as our department's on-call person for the week) working with our director for over an hour to make sure things were being taken care of, which led to me starting my whole evening much later than expected, which led to me...well, to me not being in the mood to scrapbook. (I know - who'd have thought?!)

But I didn't want the evening to be completely wasted, so I spent about about an hour editing and sorting through photos that have sat unattended for many months. Because you know what? I can't get them printed (to put on my scrapbook pages) if they've not been edited and sorted through. So here's to Two-Page Tuesday in its short-on-time, lacking-real-motivation, still-relevant-and-productive edition!

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes


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