a new habit - two-page tuesday

In the past few months, my scrapbooking has been, well, non-existent. Which has been frustrating not only because it pulls me further and further behind in my albums, but also because it means not having regular opportunities for creativity and quiet space. Then this past Saturday, I spent a luxurious six hours scrapbooking at the local scrapbook store and realized I couldn't continue going such long periods of time without indulging this part of me.

So in an effort to reclaim even a little bit of time for something that refreshes and relaxes me, I decided to set aside one evening a week (Tuesdays) for scrapbooking, and to set a reasonable goal of finishing two pages an evening. If I get more done - wonderful. If not - that's fine. What's most important to me is having this time each week (which I have dubbed Two-Page Tuesdays) to create and to play.

Tonight, I celebrated my first night of Two-Page Tuesday! * I finished two pages from start to finish, designed layouts for two more, and got a bunch of supplies back in order. Oh, it felt so good!

I can't wait to continue sharing the results of this new habit!!

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes

* And yes, I realize it's Wednesday...but last night, I was invited to have dinner with Wildcat Guy and his parents, and I appreciate those invitations so much that I hate to decline them.


Two Page Tuesdays -- fantastic idea! I love the way you have carved out some time for creative play but also set yourself a goal that is eminently achievable.
Happy scrapbooking times ahead!
Lee said…
Thanks for the words of encouragement! I'm excited about this, and feel stubbornly committed to making it happen each week. =)
OH Joneses said…
I think I may commit myself to this too-- as soon as I can dig my way through my new scrapping space... maybe August? Congrats to you for embarking on this commitment!

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